Malignant Universe [Full Length]

by Invidiosus

Intro 01:04
unseen, control of the mind unnoticed, unimportant, unconscious taken away from reality your focus (deluded and dim) your life, monotonous wasting away year after year, unable to see the bars of your cell hegemony, around the world decaying, destroying, our culture obeyed without question, for nothing we stand as the majority sits idly by, the freedom we have left continues to decline the few at the top, enforce total control global command, enslaving us all minds turned to mush, we drone on thoughtlessly myopic brains, conditioned to obey of purpose; devoid! a race comprised of slaves, our masters are unseen! dying day by day, our souls, they desiccate organic androids pacing the room, your mind confused rebellion in you others you find, defiant to serve a plan composed: to hold hostage the globe, dismantle control humanity’s last chance hurtling through the sky, warheads fly the apocalypse surrounds, the world and all life soon to be incinerated disillusioned with their lives, ready to die, sewing destruction all around: rebels demand world leaders to be delivered something gone awry, no reply, the missiles continue on their course, no remorse to never live another f*cking day the world hold it’s breath, every eye on the warheads raining down they strike the ground, and at last an end to our existence is here! -solo- sky raining down; armageddon is on top of me a future vast, in nothingness forevermore unjust existence, nullified in a millisecond utter life, destroyed all in all to come and everything that ever was abrogated, stamping out our worthless lives a moment in time indefinitely immortalized the sum of our existence, ending in oblivion terminal, voided soul infernal, intestate, inanimate drifting through planes of reality your focus (defunct and extinct) your life, exanimate wasted away, year after year unable to depart, your self-imposed h*ll launched into eternity condemned, cinerary, commorient in adamantine chains, shall death be bound joining the majority in release eradication, infinite peace for the soulless at last grasp departed from life, now they have p*ssed minds turned to mush, we droned on thoughtlessly with nothing left we are extinct! dead and gone, all traces erased existence: moribund the human race now nothing but a memory foolish sentiments, suicidal civilization! dead and gone, released into oblivion: all life, destroyed
Organ Trail 02:54
now–as at all times–i can see in the mind’s eye, the pale and unsatisfied catharasis, renewing, societies cleansing time cycles concentrically�?� ancient, unseen, observers appear thy god is thy devil, holy verses inverted monastic polarity�?? death cult idolatry controlling ent*ty, malformed and vehement�?? a formless behemoth magi arcanum�??effigies of humanity the materialistic fool, worships minerals and jewels�?? a race of subservience time and sp*ce fluctuate, at it’s crux, they who illuminate�??cosmic cohesion nameless, ageless, emperors from the above thy devil is thy god, holy verses inverted, abhorrent revelry�?? death cult idolatry now for the first time, i can see in it’s true light�?? the eye of omnipotence thou shall not make unto thee any graven image, worship your constructed god, and hold no false idol before it as below reflects above, the devil is god, in reverse manifest aggregate, we are as one divided by our own concepts compose: spiritual, emotional, physical unable the new world is born resurrect the order of the golden dawn cabal! machinate, ye ent*ties, and control the world ascend, and dominate their minds destruction through equilibrium arcanum of life, rescind machinate to control the world violate and subjugate their lives reincarnate in equilibrium arcanum of life, align
tide of cogency… existence reduced to redundancy— the illusion begins to dissolve— inner maelstrom— a vindictive subconscious, absolved procuring tangibility, substantiality further exonerated from your society a systematic ac*men; aloofness to “them” sickening, a flux from within you as madness sets in, sagacity, a sin— the meek, herded into enslavement… f*cked— death from above— the powers that be, ruling all, psychologically fragile psyche, wrought— asunder, your thoughts mental hierarchy, descending towards unreality the landscape around you, now barren—infertile a sterile realm of the subconscious, unfulfilled, desolate, austere your purpose, clear compounding focus, splitting through the fog and myopia burdening realization coalesces, within— as paranoia seeps through… systematic involution— mind split open, sickening, deranged all thought now, immediately evacuated folly: whirling, destroying every synapse of the brain internal bleeding— spewing forth, a hemorrhage inside of you clotting, blackened, perforated within sanguine fluid; mortise incision insalubrious, discordant contradiction everything around you at odds with your very life –persecution– what you’ve come to know, a pathetic existence humanity desiccating, turning man to machine perfunctory, automated… just cogs in the machine ecstasy: found, erasing thee disconnected from life; animated to war, and strife your very freedom forever, ensnared; automatons, running scared… (solo- sutton, alter) soon to fall, perception as you’ve come to know it inhibitions within you, f*cking snapping like twigs a plethora of murderous thoughts, fulfilling sacrificial exultation; unabated, blood spilling shroud, congealing around you (now within you) instigating you to sadism, and vehemence viciously, converging on brutality laid out as a final homage: carnage and pugnacity (solo- sutton) disease, rampant the infection, black ichor pours forth, from cognizance observance: subservient intellect, in ruin inevitably, mortality decays to fatality (solo- alter) cogitation… terminated suddenly (violently) afterlife: the final crux
Malignant, torn Abscond from the earth Rift in time—Reality separates Regress, sent back; Return to birth Within the void, something awakens Reality of turmoil, soon forsaken Now opens The Virulent Eye: Malign and vengeful Fatal focus On sentient life— Revel in anguish Stalking interplanetary Species now will soon be buried Forever under shadows cast By entity, depraved and vast Unleashing hate to those below Destroying life, no stem shall grow Malignant spawn of dimensions black The realm of life, now under attack Humans—bound to die Amalgam—consuming and expanding All too real: Death is now imminent Stars burst—explode The entity absorbs Tearing through time, Lifespan—increasingly short Endure you shall not Death, the only escape— Malignant Universe Slowed, your pulse now ebbs The demon is fed— Malignant Universe Look to the heavens, A terror of impossible form The sky fills with teeth Gaping maw, encircling All-encompassing void, Stretching impossibly wide To consume and destroy Swallowing the globe— Leaving organs and entrails Floating in space Abhorrent, irreverent Deserve this fate: all of you do Life lived for nothing— Nothing is what you will become Abhorrent worlds Crushed to dust by titanic forces Denied, the will To evolve, and prevail Obliteration Unified, at last, in death Plenary, the outcome of existence Cessation of all biological functions Predation, gnashed to death by jaws infinite Devoured whole—digesting forever in purgatory We tried so hard to find Equality and peace Throughout our specious existence Now look at us, after all Combined and alike Equal as one fucking piece of shit
Outro 00:32


"Malignant Universe" is the debut full-length album from Minnesota tech-death grinders INVIDIOSUS. features Duane Timlin (ex-Dying Fetus, Anal Blast, Broken Hope) on session drums.

Recorded D.I.Y. by Tim Guns in a Minneapolis basement.


released July 30, 2014

Duane Timlin - Session Drums
Kevin Alter - Lead Guitars
Nicholas Kulczycki - Guitars
Todd Farnham - Bass
Matthias Joyce - Vocals
Crawlin Lewis - Drums (Cop Killer, Deny the Cross)

guest vocals by Ben Crew, Aaron Whitesides
guest guitar solo by Alexi Sutton on "Exacerbated Psychosis"
Album Artwork by Bill Hauser


all rights reserved


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