Guided Towards the Inevitable

by Invidiosus

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released June 17, 2016

Invidiosus is:
Matthias Joyce - Vocals
Kevin Alter - Guitars
Ray Nevison - Guitars
Todd Farnham - Bass
Crawlin Lewis - Drums

Mixed/Mastered by Joel Grind

Tracks 1-4 Recorded in May 2016
Track 5 Recorded in October/November of 2015

Drums (1-4) Tracked by Adam Tucker (Signaturetone Recording)
Drums (5) Tracked by Matthew Paulazzo
Bass and Vocals Tracked by Todd Farnham
Guitars Tracked by Ray Nevison and Todd Farnham

Guest vocals by -
Geoff Peterson (Butchered Beyond Recognition) (2)
Aaron T. Whitesides (Sacrificial Slaughter, Disabler) (2-3)
Nate Koffron (Daigoro, Demonicon) (2-3)
Nate Towle (Satan's Satyrs, Wicked Inquisition) (4)

Album Art by Karl Dahmer (Dahmer Art)
Logo by Jesse Barstad



all rights reserved


Invidiosus Minneapolis, Minnesota

death metal for the paranoid.


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Track Name: Guided Towards the Inevitable
A lifetime of enslavement
Useless cogs in a
broken machine

Life, an assembly line
Conveyors eternally churn
no purpose defined
Born into stagnation

Death, a welcome embrace
when suffering is all that you know
Named aptly, the human 'race'
The finish line awaits you below

Pain, a part of the job
Inflict it on others--
save some for themselves
Feed it into the machine
Fuel for the fires of hell

There is no point in fighting
The machine that has us binded
Ash and fire are waiting--
There's no hope for escaping

Guided Towards the Inevitable

[Solo - Nevison]

Controlling from the darkness
The conductors will not stop this
Grinning through the embers
At the world they will dismember

Gaze into a starless sky
As flames engulf your earthly life

Breath escapes in ragged gasps
Into blackness, soon, you lapse

Ascend from this corporeal plane
Die in pain, yet live again

[Solo - Alter]

Track Name: Malignant Universe
Malignant, torn
Abscond from the earth
Rift in time -- Reality separates
Regress, sent back
Return to birth

Within the void,
something awakens
Reality of turmoil,
soon forsaken
Now opens
The Virulent Eye:
Malign and vengeful

Fatal focus
on sentient life --
Revel in anguish

Stalking interplanetary
Species now will soon be buried
Forever under shadows cast
By entity, depraved and vast

Unleashing hate to those below
Destroying life, no stem shall grow
Malignant spawn of dimensions black
The realm of life, now under attack

Humans -- bound to die
Amalgam -- consuming and expanding
All too real
Death is now imminent
Stars burst -- explode
The entity absorbs
Tearing through time,
Lifespan -- increasingly short

Endure you shall not
Death, the only escape --
Malignant Universe

Slowed, your pulse now ebbs
The demon is fed--

Malignant Universe

Look to the heavens,
a terror of impossible form
The sky fills with teeth
Gaping maw, encircling

All-encompassing void,
stretching impossibly wide
to consume and destroy

Swallowing the globe--
leaving organs and entrails
floating in space

Abhorrent, irreverent
Deserve this fate: all of you do
Life lived for nothing--
Nothing is what you will become

Abhorrent worlds
Crushed to dust by titanic forces

Denied, the will
to evolve, and prevail
Unified, at last, in death

Plenary, the outcome of existence
Cessation of all biological functions
Predation, gnashed to death by jaws
Devoured whole--
Digested forever in purgatory

We tried so hard to find
equality and peace
throughout our specious existence

Now look at us, after all--
Combined and like
Track Name: Ideal Breaker
[Solo - Nevison]

Unable to form a real connection,
you take advantage of those around you
Without remorse for the damage that
you cause
Just only fucking living
for yourself

Disdainful mind, selfishly aligned
It doesn't really matter what it takes

Steal all from another
just to live your life
No guilt for the vows that you break
Psychopath, just calm and relaxed
Numb to the pain you inflict

Some werewolves wear their fur on the
Doesn't give the victims back their

Torn apart from within your psyche
Lash out to externalize your pain

Suffer the wrath of a paranoid entity
Nothing is too sacred to destroy
A scorching path of destruction left in
Obliterate all that you hate

Caught in a dream of revenge and
Always fucking fighting with the world
Hiding from the truth until you realize
Everything stupid that you've done

Fuck this shit, I've had enough

[Solo - Alter]

You'd think one would learn
from the error of their ways
Some just don't care
Ideal Breaker

Someday it will catch up--
All the people you've stepped on
Your importance is relative,
what a shitty way to live

Nobody's perfect
but you aren't worth it
Track Name: Neurotic Misery
Invasive sickness in the mind
Pervasive, destroying from inside
Gutted, unable to recover
Madness, of depths you'll soon discover

Theodicy, there will be no respite
Godless, no intervening of the divine
Despondency, just end your fucking life
Anguish, enough to drive you blind

Crumpled and forlorn
All sense collapse
Losing your mind
Finally, you snap...

Cogency--irrevocably--torn and
Filled with rage, fueled by fear; bash
your fucking brains in
Torn apart, ripped to shreds;
all you've know
Destroy yourself, erode away,
'til there's nothing left

Butchering conscience to pieces
Gather, masses of creatures
Swarming inside the afflicted
Suffering, you're fucking addicted

Caught in a storm of emotion
Nothing is what you'll amount to
Lost, as a raft in the ocean
Drowning in sickness within you

Callously removed
from everything you once knew
Spiraling further into madness

[Solo - Alter]
[Solo - Nevison]

A moment of clear perception
Collapsing from introspection
Tormented by your own reflection

If you thought life had meaning
You were only wasting time
Vivacity, like a candle