Neurotic Misery [Single]

by Invidiosus



Mixed and Mastered by Joel Grind


Invasive sickness in the mind
Pervasive, destroying from inside
Gutted, unable to recover
Madness, of depths you'll soon discover

Theodicy, there will be no respite
Godless, no intervening of the divine
Despondency, just end your fucking life
Anguish, enough to drive you blind

Crumpled and forlorn
All senses collapse
Losing your mind
Finally, you snap...

Cogency--irrevocably--torn and smashed
Filled with rage, fueled by fear--bash your fucking brains in
Torn apart, ripped to shreds, all you've known
Destroy yourself, erode away, 'til there's nothing left

Butchering conscience to pieces
Gathering, masses of creatures
Swarming inside the afflicted
Suffering--you're fucking addicted

Caught in a storm of emotion
Nothing is what you'll amount to
Lost, as a raft in the ocean
Drowning in sickness within you

Callously removed
From everything you once knew
Spiraling further into madness

(Solo: Alter)
(Solo: Nevison)

A moment of clear perception
Collapsing from introspection
Tormented by your own reflection...

If you thought life had meaning
You were only wasting time
Vivacity, like a candle
Blow out your fucking mind


released February 18, 2016
Matthias Joyce: Vocals
Kevin Alter: Guitars
Ray Nevison: Guitars
Todd Farnham: Bass
Crawlin Lewis: Drums

Mixed and Mastered by Joel Grind

Guitars/bass/vocals recorded by Todd Farnham, drums recorded by Matthew Paulazzo


all rights reserved


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