Invidiosus​/​L​.​P​.​P. [Split]

by Invidiosus



Invidiosus 2019 Split w/ LPP (South Korea)

7" via Destruktomuzik, Horrendous Miscreations, Skaven Records, Grindfather Productions, Mydy Records

CD via Horror Pain Gore Death Records & Twin Town Tyrant Records


released May 1, 2019

All tracks recorded by Invidiosus in April of 2019

mixed/mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone

Cover artwork by Warren Peterson
Logo by Bayu Art.
Collag/Layout by Matthias Joyce & Yuying Lee

songs 2,5 composed by R. Nevison
songs 3,4 composed by K. Alter
“Star Spangled Banner” composed by Francis Scott Key... whoop whoop


all rights reserved


Track Name: Mescal-Induced Psychotic Break
Tripping in the desert
Trails traced from your mind
A universe unfolds before you
Transcend space and time

Through powerful psychosis plants and rocks begin to speak
A terrible hypnosis cast and now you start to freak


Creeping forth from shadows and obscured from human sight
The cactus god emerges, day suddenly turns night
Awash in vibrant color, burst kaleidoscopic forms
Mescal growing larger, in his eyes the fire burns

Spectrum of sights unseen
Terror that confounds
Saying his name aloud
Sealed now is your fate

Mescal psychotic break
Rips your soul apart
Dying in dark dimensions
Trip to the beyond

Seeing yourself from above, watching life unfold
Decades pass in moments, young once but now old
Bleeding out in this world yet connected to the next
Shattered sun reveals a void, galaxies reflect

Collapsing sky
You return to birth
The furious face of mescal
hideous in mirth
A god as old as time
decends in darkened sky
Inducing the psychosis
that terminates your life
Track Name: Fencing Position
Inner bleeding
Brain shakes
Senses reeling

Limbs locked
Cartilage quaking
thought decaying

Laid out, unmoving
Paralyzed agony
Eyes gaze unseeing
Heart stopped from beating

Caught off guard,
bones crushed into dust
In fencing position
Frozen, laid out like a statue
Track Name: Macrodose
Exponentially increasing
doseage you desire
Another hit will satiate you,
past that you'll expire

breath in ragged gasps
Fucked up even sober
In stupor you'll collapse

Broken and depleted
with a sickness in your gut
A shell of what you once were
Searching for escape

Drink it, snort it, smoke it
Water, earth and fire
Another hit will satiate you,
past that you'll expire

Beauty past description
Seen only with closed eyes
Buy the ticket
take the ride

Excessive dose required

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